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Binding is a term usually associated with books, but not exclusively. Binding is the joining of leafs or signatures together with either wire, or glue or other means.

  • Case Bind: To bind using glue to hold signatures to a case made of binder board covered with fabric, plastic or leather. Also called cloth bind, edition bind, hard bind and hard cover

  • Perfect Bind: To bind by forcing glue into notches along the spine of gathered signatures before affixing paper cover. Also called burst bind, notch bind and slotted bind. This method is used for binding soft cover books where sheets are held together with a flexible adhesive

  • Saddle Stitch: The simplest and most inexpensive binding method where staples are forced through the backbone or spine of the booklet.

  • Self-Cover: A cover of the same paper weight as the inside text pages.
  • Side Stitch Bind: Stapling the signatures together on the side rather than the fold. 

  • Spiral Bind: A book bound with wires (Wire-O) or plastic spiral form inserted though holes punched along the binding side.