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When you need to create/design, print a document or brief a designer whether it is for a flyer, point of sale material, presentation folders, brochure or magazine, listed below is a quick check list, many of the items are optional you must decide which are appropriate;
The quantity required.
The size of the product .(A3, A4, A5, etc. as per the paper size )
The number of pages if the product is a magazine or brochure. (remember 1 piece of paper equals 2 pages in printing terminology when printed on both sides)
The paper weight
Name of location, Business or Organization.
Phone number.
Fax number.
Email address.
Headline that creates curiosity, states a major benefit, or entices the reader to open and read your brochure.
Headline that states the name of the Product, Project or Described Process.
Short, easy to red blocks of text
List, charts.
Key benefits .(2 or 3)
Instructions, steps, parts. (for a procedure to assemble a product, etc.)
Biography. (of business owner, key members of the organization, offices, etc.)
Mission Statement.
Graphics image. (s) (including purely decorative elements)
Photographs of products, place, people.
Diagram, flow chart
Call to action. (What you want the reader to do: call, visit, fill out a form etc.)