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BusinessPrint is 100% committed to your privacy. We will never share your personal information with anyone. We will only use your email address and contact number to contact you exclusively regarding your order.

When registering at BusinessPrint, we will ask you to provide your name, e-mail address, billing address, delivery address and telephone number.  This information is essential for the processing of your order and to keep you posted on the status of your order.  We would like to keep you informed on any specials that we are running at any given time and will also use the contact information provided for that purpose, unless you would prefer otherwise, in which case you may unsubscribe from our mailing list at your convenience. 

You may rest assured that BusinessPrint will NOT divulge any customer information to third parties under any circumstances.

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Cookies are minute files that are stored on your computer. The BusinessPrint website uses these files to remember the preferences you selected for example what items are in your basket, or which currency you have selected as well as various other settings which are in place to make the use of the website simpler and easier.  Cookies are important for the proper functioning of the BusinessPrint website or any shopping website for that matter.

The information supplied to us by you will never be shared with anyone for any purpose whatsoever, except for the purpose of contacting you regarding your order, delivery of your item(s) to the address provided by you and any other reason necessitating communication with you regarding the products provided by us. All information gathered is used to personally identify account holders and/or users that subscribe to our site. None of the information will be sold or made available to anyone. Only the information necessary to deliver your BusinessPrint Product(s) to the address provided by you will be given to the Courier service.